A new way of learning the most in-demand skills for the tech industry.

Through collaborative and project-based learning we train the next generation of world-class coders.

About 42

42 offers a 21st century concept of learning, that provides tech skills-training through collaborative and project-based learning. The school has no teachers, books or lectures. 42 pledges to train the next generation of world-class coders with excellent team working skills.

The originally French concept, founded in 2013, disrupted traditional teacher-student education, focusing instead on peer-to-peer collaboration, problem-solving and creativity. The impressive results – 97% of graduates well employed, 50% of which had no coding experience – have inspired over 30 countries around the world to replicate the model, with success.

42 is now coming to Germany! Thanks to the support of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, 42 will open its first German campus in Heilbronn, Baden Württemberg.


At 42 we believe, that education should be fun, engaging and accessible for everyone. Our students take responsibility for their education path and speed from day one, learning to collaborate with each other to maximise success. That’s what makes our graduates stand out in the IT market: they are highly motivated and responsible individuals, critical thinkers, collaborators and creative minds.

At 42 we aim to disrupt traditional education, not only in terms of innovative learning methods, but also by opening doors to everyone no matter their background, education or financial status. 42 is the first truly inclusive, absolutely free and highly innovative education initiative in Germany.

Study is free

Study is free for all students who pass the selection stages

No textbooks

Instead of textbooks there is practical work that helps develop real skills

Diplomas don't matter

Diplomas or previous exam results are not taken into account during selection

Global 42 Network

  • Established in 2013 in Paris
  • Expanded to currently 27 campuses worldwide, with approx. 9000 students
  • 42 is now coming to Germany



Key areas: Algorithms, graphics, Unix, web, mobile dev, system security, networks, system administrator

Programming languages: C, C++, Swift, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, OCaml, and others

Learning Outcome

Coding is a high demand skill that opens doors like no other. The 42 curriculum is designed to unlock your potential, whether you aspire to work in top tech companies, to solve big problems in the world or to create your own products and services.

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