There are plenty of opportunities after your studies at 42 Heilbronn. Your internship already gives you a better understanding of what it means to work as a tech expert. Of course, at 42 Heilbronn you will learn how to program. But more importantly, you learn how to learn.

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Paths After Graduation

Best Career Prospects: Students at 42 Heilbronn enter the professional world with a strong footing. Programmers are in high demand across almost all industries. Coders are highly sought after. Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of around 137,000 IT professionals in Germany, according to the latest figures from the digital association Bitkom e.V. Does it then not matter which university provides the IT expertise? Far from it: At 42 Heilbronn, programming is the core focus. While traditional academic programs and training paths often emphasize methods and management, here the entire focus is on developing skills.

Nicolai spent several months as an intern at XM Cyber in Tel Aviv

The curriculum imparts competencies that digital global leaders are highly interested in. XM Cyber is a case in point. The Israeli subsidiary of the Schwarz Group is a prominent player in the international league of cyber experts and invited two 42 students, Nicolai and Erchegyi, for multi-month internships in Tel Aviv. Why? Rolf Schumann, CEO of Schwarz Digital, was present during the selection interviews and highlights two aspects. Firstly, students at 42 learn essential fundamentals from the ground up. Secondly, students enjoy maximum freedom, which fuels creativity. Rolf Schumann states, "Anyone socialized at 42 will always strive to learn more, to acquire new knowledge. That's perfect, isn't it?"



For the two interns, unexpected opportunities for shaping arise at XM Cyber. In a short time, Nikolai programmed codes and techniques that were integrated into the XM Cyber product. The working and feedback processes learned at 42 Heilbronn are among the reasons for this success. Nikolai says, "When I was working on a new technique in Tel Aviv, it was discussed within the team repeatedly, and I could incorporate the feedback effectively. It's really an advantage that I've already experienced this culture of discussion, this approach at 42."

Felix launches his career as a Software Developer at Fujitsu after 42 Heilbronn

Taking it a step further is Felix. The former 42 Heilbronn student has been a Software Developer at Fujitsu since September 2022. Similar to his experience at 42 Heilbronn, he receives specific assignments in the first week. He is tasked with commencing the modernization of some packages for the so-called M2000 operating system within just a few days. The foundational knowledge acquired at 42 greatly aids in this process. Felix says, "I didn't expect to be working on concrete projects in the first week. It's even more satisfying to be directly integrated into daily operations."



These are just two examples. Around 60 partner companies are involved with 42 Heilbronn. These include Porsche and Audi, Bosch and SAP, as well as startups and medium-sized companies like Vector Informatik and DeepSign. They introduce themselves on campus, offer workshops, and provide exclusive internships to our students. They sense the spirit at 42. For Fränzi Kühne, CDO at Edding, this is hardly surprising. She points out that 42 students acquire unique soft skills: "How do I collaborate in a team? How can I provide clear and respectful feedback? How do I acquire knowledge on my own? People with such abilities are incredibly valuable – and I find them at 42 Heilbronn."


A Tuesday morning in October 2022, Yavuz Sömnez implements the final crucial configurations, and it becomes clear: he has pulled off a small coup. For about two years, his colleagues at Porsche's subsidiary, the service provider MHP, have been trying to fix a misconfigured application in the cloud. Yavuz finally succeeds – in his second month as an intern at MHP. "For me, that was one of the coolest moments ever," says Yavuz, who originally hails from France. By the way, he could have also studied at 42 Paris, Lyon, or Nice, but he chose Heilbronn. He wants to learn a new foreign language, is attracted to the international atmosphere, and is enticed by the opportunity to be part of a new school's inception.



“Only with real team spirit can we successfully design our projects. That’s why we’re impressed by the concept of 42, because it does not only foster coding skills but also joint project-based learning. Team cohesion and passion for IT are among the cornerstones of 42 and are also our recipe for success in digital transformation.”

Marie-Fleur Revel und Felix Spitznagel – Managing Directors of XL2

"42 Heilbronn relies on a particularly real-to-work concept to train junior IT staff that effectively combines low barriers to entry and learning through hands-on experience. A convincing approach! That’s why I’m pleased to be able to give students the opportunity to use and expand their knowledge at our company as part of our internship partner program.“

Birte Hackenjos – CEO of Haufe Group

„Digital transformation needs courageous co-creators with a passion for IT. We support the Coding School 42 Heilbronn, because we value the innovative approach in training the IT talents of tomorrow.“

Dr. Ralf Hofmann – Co-Founder, Shareholder und Chairman of the Board of Management

„For young IT enthusiast with a passion for programming, 42 Heilbronn offers the perfect practical environment to develop their IT skills which are taught via peer-learning. The unique concept of 42 is the right approach to meet the increasing demand for well-qualified IT specialists.“

Gerd Chrzanowski – Chair of the Board of SB Dienstleistung KG

„We are proud to support 42 Heilbronn from the very beginning. With our "Women in Tech Scholarships" we want to support young women who are shaping the world of tomorrow with technology. We look forward to working with a highly innovative educational institution and promising talents.“

Konstanze Marinoff – Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing at Porsche AG

For AI, the following is true: the simplest things are complex, and the most complex are simple. 42 Heilbronn is able to implement these things by training people to create solutions based on new technologies."

Sven Körner – Founder thingsTHINKING GmbH

"Software rules the World and our empire is growing very fast. Welcome 42 Heilbronn. Welcome, you brave students."

Marcel Appolt – Co-Founder CAMAO

„At 42 you learn how to ship projects and put them into production, very similar to what I do day-to-day at Google.“

Emil Wallner – Resident at Googles Arts and Culture Lab

"The demand for IT specialists is immense. The 42 coding school takes an unconventional approach with an extraordinarily bold concept beyond established educational qualifications. For Heilbronn, this institution is an exciting addition to the regional educational portfolio. This is a highly attractive program for unconventional thinkers and creative minds.“

Theresia Bauer – Minister for Science, Research and Arts

„Whether in business, politics or society, we need IT know-how in all areas to make the digital transformation a success. The shortage of IT specialists threatens German competitiveness. To close the growing skills gap, we need innovative educational offerings such as the Coding School 42.“

Achim Berg – President of Bitkom

„Employees with coding skills are essential for our businesses to stay competitive and for Baden-Württemberg to seize the opportunity of the digital transformation. By adopting innovative learning methods and a project solving approach, 42 Heilbronn highlights the exciting opportunities of a career in coding.“

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut – Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of Baden-Württemberg

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