Learning Model

Everyone starts at the same point. From there, you have the freedom to choose your own path and pace. In cooperation with your peers, you work your way through 6 levels. Afterwards, you are ready for working life. Currently, our partners offer about 100 internships. Our close cooperation with more than 70 partners from industry and commerce ensures a study program with its finger on the pulse. After completing the Core Curriculum, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in various areas in the Mastery.

Our Model




You learn programming by collaborating with other students. Having no teachers, means that projects are evaluated through peer review.



Learn by doing. The curriculum consists of high quality and up-to-date projects which are constantly innovated by a group of experts.



Our campus is open 24/7. You structure your learning time yourself.



At 42 Heilbronn, students organise themselves into clubs (e.g. bitcoin, urban gardening) and plan activities together. Example: In the Hacker Dojo, students organise trips to Hackerthons.


The 42 Heilbronn curriculum is based on the innovative pedagogy and content provided by the 42 network. This is now used at 54 locations in 31 countries worldwide. In the curriculum, you programme 16 projects that cover all facets of your possible career path. These are regularly reviewed and updated. Here you can see an example of a student's daily routine.


42 Heilbronn Mastery is designed to provide you with a high level of expertise. At the Mastery you will face more challenging projects, in larger teams, and in a larger time scale. You will continue to learn by solving problems that are more exciting than ever! The Mastery has 5 “tracks”. Each track focuses on a wide topic of software engineering. Each track will guide you on a journey from discovering a topic to state-of-the-art challenges. Many paths will be open to you - customize your curriculum and explore!