To learn with us, you don't need a high school diploma (Abitur). To succeed at 42, you require a strong sense of self-motivation. The key is the inner drive to independently solve complex problems. Additionally, having a passion for working in a team, growing together, and enjoying a great time at 42 Heilbronn is essential.


Next Introductions (online):
🟢  03.07.2024, 4-5 pm
🟢  17.07.2024, 4-5 pm
🟢  31.07.2024, 4-5 pm

Next Piscines (on site):
🔴  29.07.-23.08.2024:
No more spots left
🟢  11.11.-06.12.2024:
Spots still available

Curriculum Kick-off:
🟢  07.10.2024
🟢  03.03.2025
🟢  06.10.2025


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