As in any good partnership, we are interested in finding ways to collaborate and grow together. We are trailblazing new paths of education, so that we find new type of talent, and develop a unique, engaged problem-solving culture. If you have a technological vision of where you want to be, and you need hands on deck to build the future - 42 is a helpful partner.


We invest our partner donations on scholarships for 42 students. 42 students are highly motivated learners, and are focussed on learning all the skills that are necessary to build a better world with code. 42 Heilbronn has the status of a private institution for education. As such, our students cannot obtain BaföG or similar financing methods. Even though studying at 42 Heilbronn is for free, not everyone has the funds to support themselves over a year. We believe that scholarships are a good way to make our learning experience more effective for our students.


Having our students on site for at least 3 months is the best way to see for yourself the practical relevance of the 42 curriculum and the real-world problem-solving skills and teamwork skills it teaches and encourages. Via our intranet, our partners are able to present internships to our students. We believe in a high level of quality control, so that our students and our partners have a great experience in working together. We help to craft a pre-defined plan for the program and conduct evaluations to ensure high level of satisfaction on all ends.

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“Only with real team spirit can we successfully design our projects. That’s why we’re impressed by the concept of 42, because it does not only foster coding skills but also joint project-based learning. Team cohesion and passion for IT are among the cornerstones of 42 and are also our recipe for success in digital transformation.”

Marie-Fleur Revel und Felix Spitznagel – Managing Directors of XL2

"42 Heilbronn relies on a particularly real-to-work concept to train junior IT staff that effectively combines low barriers to entry and learning through hands-on experience. A convincing approach! That’s why I’m pleased to be able to give students the opportunity to use and expand their knowledge at our company as part of our internship partner program.“

Birte Hackenjos – CEO of Haufe Group

„Digital transformation needs courageous co-creators with a passion for IT. We support the Coding School 42 Heilbronn, because we value the innovative approach in training the IT talents of tomorrow.“

Dr. Ralf Hofmann – Co-Founder, Shareholder und Chairman of the Board of Management

„For young IT enthusiast with a passion for programming, 42 Heilbronn offers the perfect practical environment to develop their IT skills which are taught via peer-learning. The unique concept of 42 is the right approach to meet the increasing demand for well-qualified IT specialists.“

Gerd Chrzanowski – Chair of the Board of SB Dienstleistung KG

„We are proud to support 42 Heilbronn from the very beginning. With our "Women in Tech Scholarships" we want to support young women who are shaping the world of tomorrow with technology. We look forward to working with a highly innovative educational institution and promising talents.“

Konstanze Marinoff – Head of Recruiting and HR Marketing at Porsche AG

For AI, the following is true: the simplest things are complex, and the most complex are simple. 42 Heilbronn is able to implement these things by training people to create solutions based on new technologies."

Sven Körner – Founder thingsTHINKING GmbH

"Software rules the World and our empire is growing very fast. Welcome 42 Heilbronn. Welcome, you brave students."

Marcel Appolt – Co-Founder CAMAO

How do you envision a partnership to shape your digital future?