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At 42 Heilbronn students from over 40 countries are studying. Since 42 Heilbronn is a non-profit, free educational institution and not eligible for Bafög, we offer scholarships to people who can not afford to study otherwise. As a sponsor of 42 Heilbronn you support talent for THE LÄND and beyond. Our students highly appreciate your effort on a planetary, galactic or even cosmic level.

Internships/Job opportunities

After working through 6 circles of the 42 core curriculum and finishing a minimum of 16 projects and 5 exams, 42 students are ready for their first Internship and / or job. They tried, failed and succeeded, they applied knowledge of C, C++, UNIX / server architecture, a grip on algorithms, and much more. They know how to teach themselves, have a planetary mindset … and they know how to work in a team! If you are looking for people who make the difference - contact us.


You want to support our students with a challenge, 42 Talk or share your knowledge in a workshop or learning journey and get to know our students face to face? 42 Heilbronn offers different formats to get in touch with our students. Sign up and be part of our ecosystem.


Fabian Quist

The scholarship has given me the opportunity to start my journey with 100% commitment at 42 Heilbronn. It has allowed me to dedicate my time entirely to acquiring the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful career. Without this financial support, I would have been compelled to juggle work alongside my studies at 42, which would have posed a significant challenge due to the full-time curriculum. Thanks to the scholarship, I have been able to complete my studies fully focused and begin my internship well-prepared and confident.

Kanykei Tashbaeva

The scholarship from 42 Heilbronn, has enabled me to complete the 42-core-curriculum full-time. The study period took longer than I planned and expected, so my savings for the study were not sufficient after one-year at school. Given the fact that there are restrictions on work permits for foreigners, I could not overtake any income generation activities. Scholarship has very well supported me at the right time and enabled me to finish the last 2 projects and move on to Internship which later led to a contract as Junior-Software Developer at XL2 GmbH. I am currently in the last month of my Internship at XL2. I have accepted an offer to stay at the company as a Junior-Software Developer part-time. I look forward to continuing with a Mastery Program at 42 to further develop my IT skills and to obtain a specialization.

Mouad Abid

A scholarship gave me the chance to focus on my goals instead of my needs. It was an opportunity to focus and allocate most of my time to the things I like the most, without worrying about my dinner. Without the scholarship, I don't think I would have been able to make it to 42. But thanks to the scholarship, I had the ability to create a good foundation in IT in general going from coding to hacking, which eventually helped me ace the interviews and get multiple offers from big companies including Cisco. In the end, I ended up with one of our partners, Haufe Group, as a full remote Cloud Security Intern.

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