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Below we prepared a list of the most asked questions. If you still feel like your question has not really been answered you can email us your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


NEWS - Corona Update

Will the admission be online?

The admission includes several steps.

1. registration: always possible, always online
2. logic games: possible after registration, always online
3. introduction meeting: registration possible after successful completion of logic games. Currently online.
4. piscine: registration possible after participation in the introduction meeting. Online in February, March and April.

How does an Online Piscine work?

You can participate the last step of the admission process from the comfort of your home. All you need is a place where you can concentrate, a computer, a stable internet connection (min. 5MBit) and a webcam. If you have already registered and one of these components is not sufficient or not available, please contact
We will transfer the peer learning experience to a digital campus. You will have enough possibilities to work together with your peers, this is guaranteed by our infrastructure. This is especially important to motivate and inform each other. DON'T PANIC: during the first days you will have the opportunity to get to know the infrastructure without working on projects. We make you fit for the remote experience!

Will all of the Piscines be online?

If we can fulfill all requirements, we will do the April Piscine on-site. But we can't promise at this point in time. Your safety is the most important thing for us, that's why we need to be a little bit flexible. We will keep you up to date with our newsletter and Social Media Channels about the developments in our region. We plan to give you an update about the April Piscine by mid-February.

I am afraid that I don't get connected to other people

Don't worry. Our Online Piscine is designed so that no one is being left behind. You will be partnered with other people who support your daily life and with which you can share the learnings of the projects and the personal challenges. The objective is to support the exchange of knowledge, experiences and learning. There is no competition between the teams or among the participants.

Where's the fun?

Oh, don't worry about the fun. We will create moments where you will get valuable input for your professional career but also enough space for games and parties.

Can I do the online piscine part-time?

During your Piscine, it is close to impossible to work. Candidates spend an average of 60 hours per week in the Selection Piscine to progress and learn to program.

The Online Piscine starts with a warm-up week. It is possible to participate this warm-up week with only a few hours a day as the main goal is to get to know the tools and your peers. After the first week you should be completely fulltime available.

Will the curriculum also be remote?

Longterm peer-learning works best on-site and we will open doors in June 2021. Until then the situation should be safe enough with our hygiene concept to attend on-site in person.


What is '42'?

Ecole 42 is a French private tuition-free coding school founded in 2013 by French entrepreneur, Xavier Niel. With a disruptive peer-to-peer education model and philosophy, 42 has achieved great results (100% of well-employed graduates, 80% have opportunities before graduation, 30% build their own companies, 50% never coded before). Due to their success, 42 opened a campus in Silicon Valley in 2016. Other schools around the world have partnered with 42 to offer their programme. Currently there are 32 partner schools across all continents. 42 Heilbronn is next to 42 Wolfsburg the first German partner campus.

Why are there no teachers in 42?

42 is a school based on peer-to-peer learning, in which students learn and discover by themselves and with peers. There is, however, a pedagogical team that makes sure the learning envinroment works and that students are progressing. Moreover, not having teachers makes this education system scalable and enables the education of a larger number of students than the traditional education system.

What is peer-to-peer learning?

Peer-to-peer learning is an education model where students learn from each other instead of learning from an appointed teacher. It emphasizes critical thinking, teamwork and communication. Students also evaluate each other and learn from explaining to peers.

What does project-based learning mean?

In project-based learning, students gain a deeper knowledge of a subject through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. They learn by doing and thinking critically, rather than by following instructions and memorizing.

What is the language used?

All of 42’s content and projects are available in English. English is an important language to be able to thrive in the digital world and we want our students to think globally. At 42 Heilbronn we use English as our common basic language to enable non-german speakers to participate and contribute and to empower german-speakers to work internationally.

Why would students choose 42 over traditional university or college?

Every educational institution has its raison d'être and 42 would like to be seen as an additive building module in the educational landscape in Germany. For those who like to solve problems hands-on and feel comfortable and supported in our learning model. 42 Heilbronn and 42 Wolfsburg will be the only coding schools in Germany offering a program that is 100% practical and focused on coding.

Students work in teams and create every day. A study by Stackoverflow showed that 54% of “Informatik” graduates say that study-content is outdated, and that self study is required to be able to start a job that is directly related to their Masters-subject. 42-Graduates will not have this issue, because content is always up to date (updated on a monthly basis), and students practice skills average 8 hours a day during their studies, hence they are ready to add value from the first day they come out of 42.


What is the 'Piscine'?

The word “Piscine” is the French word for “swimming pool”, meaning that everyone dives into the deep end of coding and learn how to swim together. The Piscine is a four week long trial period. During the Piscine, students will discover the basics of coding from scratch. No prerequisites of any kind are needed: no previous degrees, no coding experience. This period will be very intensive and requires commitment.

There is no fixed amount of applicants to be selected. This means there is no competition between applicants and anyone can be selected.

How is the on average 3,5 year full-time curriculum built up?

Part 1 is the Piscine, the 4-weeks challenge in which students learn the basics of C programming, simple programming, and simple algorithms.

Part 2 is the core part of the curriculum designed to reach minimal skill set, which takes between 6 months and 1,5 years. Included are advanced algorithms, UNIX/Posix API (filesystem, processes, pipes, sockets, etc.), threads programming, C++, IP networks and simple system administration, simple graphics, web frameworks. After this foundation, an internship of 4-6 months follows.

Part 3 should take max 2 years, and this is where AI, Security, Data, Cloud, Mobile, Advanced graphics, and other skills are further developed. Also, this is the time for hackathons, side projects with companies, entrepreneurship programming, projects with partners, etc. A final internship of at least 6 months concludes the programme.

How is the curriculum designed that students can in fact choose their own path?

All 42-campuses worldwide share the proven curriculum of Ecole 42 in Paris. There are more than 250 projects laid out as a galaxy of projects. When a student completes a project, they move to the next one, until they can choose from different paths and discover multiple aspects of programming and IT. Each student’s experience is unique, as they experiment with projects and choose to follow different specialization paths in the curriculum.

Do I have to follow the curriculum to the end?

No, you decide for yourself when to leave or when you feel ready for the job market. If you are offered a job, we are happy about it :)  

After the basics, you are at junior level (that takes about 8-12 months) and then if you want to specialize after the paid internship, you just come back to us and work your way through the areas that interest you and bring you closer to your professional goals.

How is the curriculum gamified?

Students progress in the curriculum by completing projects and getting "experience points". With these points students level up and unlock more projects and specialization branches. Students can also master different skills, complete quests and achievements. Students can compare their levels to know how far they are in the curriculum.

How is the curriculum kept current?

The original curriculum was created in 2013 by Ecole 42’s team, which consists of veterans in the computer science educational field in France. It has evolved since then by the educational staff in Paris and other schools, co-operation with companies and even students. The curriculum is updated on a monthly basis.

Is it possible for companies to apply for real-life challenges to be included in the 42-curriculum?

Yes, companies can apply for real-life challenges to be included into the curriculum. The pedagogical team in Paris, who created the curriculum and update it on a monthly basis, will review the project for suitability. If the project is included in the curriculum, it will be offered as part of the curriculum worldwide.


How does 42 prepare students for a career in the tech world?

42 won’t teach students how to solve a specific problem, or how to use a tool. 42 will teach students how to learn, how to understand the tools available. After 42 students will have the ability to solve hard problems, because they will be used to thinking critically, seeking and sharing knowledge. 42 will not lock students in into a specific technology. Technology changes constantly… Students will be able to develop and maintain relevant skills throughout their career.

Are students obliged to come study at 42 in person?

Yes, developing soft skills, peer learning, and peer correcting are central to our learning philosophy, so students need to be at the campus in person.

What are the age requirements for students?

There is only a minimum age limit of 18, and no maximum age limit

Does 42 deliver any degree or diploma?

Similar to that students don’t need a diploma to get selected for 42, students don’t get a diploma when they complete the programme. The programme is based on levels of experience that students earn with a project. We deliver a certificate of completion at the end of our programme. The experience and skills that students acquire while studying at 42 are essential for technical job interviews, and 42 has a strong international reputation.

Do candidates need to know how to code to join 42?

No, not at all! It is not necessary to have any knowledge in programming to join and succeed at 42.


Can private and public organisations and institutions organise activities with the school?

1) Funding opportunities for students by offering scholarships: Support young programming talents and help solve the problem of the lack of IT specialists by giving a certain amount of money to offer them their studies without worrying about their financial background. You can claim your sponsorship for tax purposes.
2) Offering internships: Give the students of 42 Heilbronn the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience. Give them the chance to start a good career as programmers. Students should do two internships within their studies. The first one is after the programming foundations. Students are on a junior level by that time (approx. after 9-12 months after start). The second internship is after finishing the whole curriculum (approx.) after 3 years. By that time they are in a senior position and ready to continue in a working position. The internships are remunerated for students above the minimum wage level.
3) Funding the 42 community: Support this innovative learning concept with a donation of your choice. You help to finance the operation of the 42 Heilbronn and to continuously expand the learning opportunities for our students.

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