MOHAN, 26, former IT student

"This is the first time in my life that I really enjoy learning. At my old university, I didn't understand everything the professors lectured because it was too theoretical. I am a practically oriented person. I have to do it myself, make my own mistakes, to understand everything completely. During the 4-week piscine of 42 Heilbronn, I learned much more than in one semester at university."

SONJA, 30, former tax consultant

"Before I started at 42 Heilbronn, I had no coding experience. I was afraid that I would feel stupid. But the opposite was the case: my peers helped me at all times. I get the support no matter what level I'm at - without being judged. 42 doesn't feel like a normal school. You don't come here to get a degree. You come here because you really want to learn something."

SVENJA, 19, recently finished school

"The main difference to school is that really all students want to be here. That creates a positive atmosphere at 42 Heilbronn. Everyone is open to getting in touch with each other. Here at 42, you have the freedom to try out different things, see how they work and thus find the right solutions. Also, my peers are all very different. It's amazing what cool concepts come up when two different people with different mindsets and approaches come together and work."

MARIUS, 29, former campus security

"42 is not just a school for me, it's a lifestyle. Mainly because of the freedom you have here in almost everything you do. The flexible opening hours allow you to come to campus whenever it's most productive for you. I am enjoying collaborative learning for the first time in my life, and the community has definitely become a cornerstone for me. It's a great place to build a network and good contacts for the future."