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Our Students' Voices

Feedback is an important part of the 42 culture, and only through constant exchange with our students do we gain a realistic picture of their needs. This is what our students say:

Albina, 18

When we started at 42 Heilbronn, we had no idea how things would work here. But we approached it: as a team. For me, it's the best place, because here I can not only learn programming. But also think around corners, get creative and, above all, tackle complex problems to find a way to the optimal solution.

Julian, 23

The way you acquire knowledge is completely up to you. That was unusual at the beginning, but over time it made me more motivated and efficient in my learning. Through the projects, you don't just learn programming in theory, but also have to deal with all the challenges around it. And if you get stuck, you always have helpful people around you who help you with questions and from whom you can learn a lot.


In school, I often felt uncomfortable, whether due to my peers or the atmosphere. However, at 42 Heilbronn, one is practically handed a sense of belonging. I can engage with everyone on an equal footing. All share the common goal of learning programming, each contributing their own skills and ideas. The decision to start at 42 Heilbronn was definitely the right one for me.

Pavel, 32

I like the flexibility here the most. I shape my daily routine to balance family and programming. The building with its high-quality workspaces, infrastructure, and abundant coffee offerings provides me with everything to achieve this balance. I come in the morning, program during the day, pick up my child, spend time with family, and if I feel like it, I return to school in the evening. Nowhere else do I have this much freedom.

Fritz, 21

I am excited about the exceptional learning concept: by solving tasks, I independently identify my mistakes and can continue improving. The resulting self-efficacy greatly motivates me. I have never learned so much in such a short time. Through the 'Peer-to-Peer System,' I interact with many people daily, which also provides me the opportunity to tap into a 'collective knowledge.' I'm curious to see where the path leads me.


In 2021, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation introduced a completely alternative learning concept to Heilbronn. Here, learning takes place in a community, and practical tasks are solved. The principle: Learning by Doing. There is no frontal teaching, no fixed schedules, no theory. Each learner is a student and a teacher. The first 42 was founded in Paris in 2013. The learning concept is convincing. Partner schools are established worldwide in a very short time. Today, there are 50 schools in 29 countries - with 18,000+ students, it is the largest coding school globally. The Heilbronn location currently has 330 students and is growing (As of 08.2023).

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International Community

We bring internationality: 42 Heilbronn is surrounded by a unique atmosphere that attracts beyond Germany. Students from over 40 different nationalities study with us – individuals who are consistently committed and curious. This diversity enlivens our city and contributes to establishing Heilbronn as one of the most dynamic regions in Germany. Our graduates can accept job offers from all around the world. However, their focus remains on the city and the region. Nevertheless, companies like Audi, Porsche, MHP, and many others, along with regional start-ups and the southwest German medium-sized businesses, know how to approach our students early on, engaging them through information days and internships, and hiring them as employees.

Experience AI

We drive discussions on AI forward: 42 Heilbronn is much more than a school by and for IT enthusiasts. On the contrary, we aim to influence the city's society and propel important debates. One focus is on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has been on everyone's lips, especially since the spectacular rise of ChatGPT. How do we enrich the conversation? For instance, through our annually recurring AI festival: At the Zukunftspark Wohlgelegen premises, we offer Artificial Intelligence to experience and interact with. We provide music and exhibitions and engage in debates on key AI-related questions. A free event for the whole family.