by Sophie Heinz

DAY 00 was the official starting day at 42 Heilbronn. After a multi-stage selection process, approximately 120 people have qualified out of 8.000 people for studying at 42 Heilbronn. On Monday, June 14th, most of those people started their first Onboarding Day here in Heilbronn.

Due to the pandemic situation we divided the students in three groups - every group got a goodie bag and a campus map. The map gave a first orientation in the spaceship and indicated where the students could find QR codes. They had the possiblity to walk through the whole building, scan the QR codes and therefore receive all the information they needed to start studying.

Although the day was mostly on an administrative base, it was a milestone in two ways:

1. We welcomed our FIRST STUDENTS EVER! We knew them from the monitors but it's so much better in real life!

2. It was the first day where the 42 Heilbronn team was all together - our colleague Juan finally arrived from Mexico!

We could share the story of 42 Heilbronn all along the way with everyone involved through video messages from:

- Prof. Reinhold Geilsdörfer, CEO Dieter Schwarz Foundation
- Sophie Viger, CEO 42 Network
- Hester Spiegel van-den-Steenhoven, Initiator 42 Germany
- Videos from the 42 Network: 42 Roma, 42 São Paulo 42 Québec, 42 Wolfsburg, 19 Brussels, 42 Nice, 42 Kuala Lumpur, 42 Lausanne, 42 born2code, Codam Coding College, 42 Lisboa, 1337 Future Is Loading, & 42 Madrid.

Let's get it started, let's code together!

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