The next Piscines will be online

by Sophie Heinz

Think globally, show local responsibility! We are going online again!

In June 2021, our first generation of students started their IT careers at the old Weipert Maschinenfabrik. Now it's time to recruit the next generation. The next two Piscines in October and November will be held online. Participants will have the opportunity to join the 4-week selection bootcamp online.

Just a few months ago, we opened our doors and welcomed our first students. Since then, about 120 students from all over the world have come to Heilbronn. They commute or they have moved their entire center of life here to participate in the innovative learning system of the 42 Network.

Now the second generation of students is about to be recruited. The admissions process involves three steps to be admitted to the free program. After registration, applicants solve logic games - the first step to find out if have what it takes to become a coder. After a virtual introduction session, they participate in a four-week selection bootcamp called "Piscine" (French for swimming pool). During this time, the 42 team tests whether the applicants can succeed in the learning system and the participants whether the learning system is a good fit for them.

Today we are announcing that the selection boot camps will be held online in October and November. We had the great privilege of opening our programming school in June with all students on site. We have a great responsibility for these individuals. The students learn together on site, write exams and have a safe environment due to the strict hygiene concept. Peer learning works very well on site, we realize that now. On the other hand, we also saw in the spring during the first selection bootcamps that they can be optimally conducted online. It's a bit more work for us, but the rising incidences in Heilbronn reinforce our belief that we'll be able to attract motivated, great new people to our learning community this time as well online."

More than 11,000 students worldwide are learning in the peer-to-peer learning-based education system, which takes place on-site at one of 36 campuses. Students learn independently without instructors or classroom sessions. They work together to solve tasks of increasing difficulty within a gamified learning environment. The only requirements are that applicants are older than 18 years and that they make it through the admissions process. Through collaborations with local companies, 42 Heilbronn also makes scholarships possible.

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