+++ Update 15 February 2021 +++

In the face of the current Covid 19 pandemic, we have decided heavy hearted to hold the Piscines in March (08.03 - 01.04.2021) and in April (12.04. - 07.05.2021) also online.

We have installed many security measures in our building but we take our responsibility towards participants and staff very seriously and due to the mutated virus variant and a still increased incidence in the Heilbronn area we made the decision not to be able to conduct a Piscine with 150 participants on site.

The first half of our first online Piscine is already over and we are very happy with the results and therefore convinced that we will be able to offer our participants a great experience at the 42 Heilbronn in March and April.


+++ UPDATE 14. Dezember 2020 +++

In the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to hold our first Piscine Online.

We are in close contact with all 33 coding schools in our 42 network around the globe and we discussed all Pros and Cons about an Online Piscine. It's not exactly the same experience but it's a proven concept that we will implement for the February Piscine. Our partners in Sao Paolo just finished their Online Piscine and their recommendation is clear: it works, let's do this in February!


How does an online piscine work?
You can participate the last step of the admission process from the comfort of your home. All you need is a place where you can concentrate, a computer, a stable internet connection (min. 5MBit) and a webcam. If you have already registered and one of these components is not sufficient or not available, please contact
We will transfer the peer learning experience to a digital campus. You will have enough possibilities to work together with your peers, this is guaranteed by our infrastructure. This is especially important to motivate and inform each other. DON'T PANIC: during the first days you will have the opportunity to get to know the infrastructure without working on projects. We make you fit for the remote experience!

I have already signed-up for the piscine. What do I have to do now?
We will send separate Mails to everyone who already signed up, asking if you wish to participate remotely, too. We will also do an Online Q&A very soon so that you have the possibility to ask questions that may be still on your mind.

Will all of the Piscines be online?
If we can fulfill all requirements, we will do the March Piscine on-site. But we can't promise at this point in time. Your safety is the most important thing for us, that's why we need to be a little bit flexible. We will keep you up to date with our newsletter and Social Media Channels about the developments in our region. We plan to give you an update about the March Piscine by mid-January.

I am afraid that I don't get connected to other people
Don't worry. Our Online Piscine is designed so that no one is being left behind. You will be partnered with other people who support your daily life and with which you can share the learnings of the projects and the personal challenges. The objective is to support the exchange of knowledge, experiences and learning. There is no competition between the teams or among the participants.

Where's the fun?
Oh, don't worry about the fun. We will create moments where you will get valuable input for your professional career but also enough space for games and parties.

Can I do the online piscine part-time?
During your Piscine, it is close to impossible to work. Candidates spend an average of 60 hours per week in the Selection Piscine to progress and learn to program. This will also remain during the Online Piscine

Will the curriculum also be remote?
Longterm peer-learning works best on-site and we will open doors in June 2021. Until then the situation should be safe enough with our hygiene concept to attend on-site in person.


- - -

As of November 2020

Our candidates and students are central to everything we do at 42. Your health and safety is paramount to us. Given the current Covid-19 pandemic,  we are working hard on planning different scenarios that will ensure that the Piscine will take place - either fully or partially remote, depending on how the pandemic develops in the Heilbronn region and the rest of Europe.
Note: The situation changes really quickly and we will adapt when necessary. Keep an eye on this page and FAQ and on our social media, where we will share new information! You can also sign up to our newsletter, so you won’t miss any critical updates - please sign up here.

Below you find a description of our plans as well as answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please reach out to us via

Plan A - No lockdown
Our building is set up according to official guidance, allowing you to roam around safely. Specifically, this means that:

• We have enough space to fit 150 students with the 1.5m distance. All computers, chairs and other facilities are already set-up respecting the 1.5 meter rule.

• Additionally there are Plexiglas separators between the work stations

• Our cleaning team is cleaning around the clock: tables, chairs, doorknobs, buttons on the coffee machines and toilets are disinfected daily.

• In case you show any symptoms of Covid-19, we have a procedure in place to make sure that it gets handled in the safest possible way.


Plan B - Piscine during partial lockdown
In partial lockdown, we will deploy all infrastructure and practices developed in our core Plan A, but add the following aspects:


• Should some candidates find themselves in a location where they are not allowed to travel to our location or feel anxiety about traveling, or if we are not allowed to have 150 candidates in the building, we will offer a solution that allows half-remote/half-onsite shifts in the building.

• Also local authorities might limit the number of people that can gather in a single location. In this case we might also reduce the number of students who participate in the Piscine here at our building in Heilbronn. We are working on a plan for you to interact, ask questions and be part of the learning community completely online. This plan will bring the 42 model online, including solutions to allow for social interactions and arrangements for the best online peer-to-peer experience for everyone. We will make sure that everyone has equal access to our amenities, whether you are remote or onsite! Some ideas of what we will organize: activities to get to know each other, daily check-in routines, learning activities, and social activities.


Plan C - Piscine during full lockdown
42 schools in various parts of the world are currently experimenting with brining the full piscine experience online. We are in close contact and will use their learnings to offer a solution in case we can not host you here in Heilbronn.

Can I still apply to 42 Heilbronn?
Yes, absolutely. 42 will go ahead online, hybrid or remote. Please apply here and try your best at the online test!

Are you still organizing introductions?
Of course! Online introductions are available to you at all times. In fact, we have two introductions available per month for which you can sign-up as soon as you win the online game.

For more info on 42 Heilbronn please see the full FAQ (link zum FAQ).