At 42 Heilbronn, we turned the traditional educational model of coding upside down so you can profit from a college-level education that fits your pace, path and goals. ​
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Your advantages decoded

At 42 Heilbronn it's all about coding. But there is so much more that this innovative coding school has to offer:

  • No previous education or coding experience needed
  • No diplomas or degrees required
  • No teachers, no books and no classes
  • Just raw talent and commitment will lead you to success

Your journey to coding

Before you can take off with coding at 42 Heilbronn in Germany there are some small steps you need to take.
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The fans speak for themselves

„42 coding schools are offering a chance for people to become successful coders and learn the ideal soft skills to excel in their careers.“

Corinne Vigreux – Co-founder and CMO of TomTom International B.V.

„At 42 you learn how to ship projects and put them into production, very similar to what I do day-to-day at Google.“

Emil Wallner – Resident at Googles Arts and Culture Lab

"The demand for IT specialists is immense. The 42 coding school takes an unconventional approach with an extraordinarily bold concept beyond established educational qualifications. For Heilbronn, this institution is an exciting addition to the regional educational portfolio. This is a highly attractive program for unconventional thinkers and creative minds.“

Theresia Bauer – Minister for Science, Research and Arts

„Whether in business, politics or society, we need IT know-how in all areas to make the digital transformation a success. The shortage of IT specialists threatens German competitiveness. To close the growing skills gap, we need innovative educational offerings such as the Coding School 42.“

Achim Berg – President of Bitkom

„Employees with coding skills are essential for our businesses to stay competitive and for Baden-Württemberg to seize the opportunity of the digital transformation. By adopting innovative learning methods and a project solving approach, 42 Heilbronn highlights the exciting opportunities of a career in coding.“

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut – Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of Baden-Württemberg

„For young IT enthusiast with a passion for programming, 42 Heilbronn offers the perfect practical environment to develop their IT skills which are taught via peer-learning. The unique concept of 42 is the right approach to meet the increasing demand for well-qualified IT specialists.“

Gerd Chrzanowski – Chair of the Board of SB Dienstleistung KG

More about 42 Heilbronn

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Find out more about your personal journey to coding at 42 Heilbronn.


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Here you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about the new coding school in Germany.


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More information on 42 Heilbronn, the admission process and coding in Germany is available here for you to download.