We are located in an old refurbished historical machine manufacture. Feel free to get a seat in our cluster equipped with 150 iMac stations, play some games in the gaming area, grab yourself your peer and discuss your thoughts in a group working area or just relax a little from your last coding session.


We opened up our spaceship for our very first 42 Heilbronn students on June 14th in 2021. Our goal is to create a place where people like going to - to learn, to code, to spend time together, to chill and get new energy.










42 Heilbronn is part of the nearby Bildungscampus which currently educates over 8.000 students through 7 modern educational institutions. You can profit from the infrastructure (Mensa, Library) and get to know other students.









Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Heilbronn lies in the heart of the southern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It’s been ranked one of the most promising regions of the country and is home to several tech companies and large businesses. With its great infrastructure, dreamy landscape and cultural history, the city is the perfect place to learn and live.


Meet the dedicated staff that is passionate about working (behind) the scenes to make the Coding School work.

Thomas Bornheim


42 is a movement. As the CEO of 42 Heilbronn, I am excited to focus on everything our students need to be successful.

I have experienced powerful moments of collaboration and learning during my career in big tech - and I hope to create a platform, where we can offer mindful people of all backgrounds a space to grow.

Sophie Heinz

Head of Communications

Most of the time I show the world “behind the scenes” behind my phone, behind my mac, behind the channels. I worked in several educational institutions and 42 Heilbronn is the most exciting school in Germany. I am happy that I can spread the word about it!

Micha Messerschmidt

Student Experience Manager

Some call me the captain of our admission platform. No matter what question you have, I am trying to offer support to applicants in every stage of the admission process. I know your questions and concerns as I have already attended the 42 Piscine!

Juan Casian

Head of Learning

As the Head of Learning at 42 Heilbronn my main goal is to give our students the tools to empower them to grow and learn in their most optimal way. I know the system by heart since I studied at 42, so I am excited to improve it and build a challenging but safe learning environment.

Debbie Gunkel

Event Manager

Supporting the development of 42 Heilbronn is an awesome challenge. The 42 network is a unique educational platform, with many locations around the world. I am looking forward to bringing 42 Heilbronn together with different groups of people at the upcoming events. Let’s achieve great things together!

Moritz Carthaus

Head of Administration

I am responsible for administrative topics (e.g. finance, processes, organisation, HR) with which I intend to do my best to contribute to excellent learning and development opportunities.

The topic "learning and development" plays a significant role in my life and I am driven to see young people evolving constantly. I am really looking forward to accompaning and observing this process as often as possible.

Markus Hagner

Program Manager Infrastructure

I am curious about creating together with our students a place to develop smart human interactions, collaboration, kindness, empathy and a workplace where they can develop their skills and follow their passion. Peer to peer learning and an extensive hands-on mentality is something that follows up my hole vitae. Let's work together on a unique and unusual place to create a space where the future is already taking place.

Nadia Aleksan

Online Marketing Manager

42 Heilbronn has a special spirit that convinced and excited me from the very beginning. The world should know about that. Therefore, I have made it my mission to reach and inform all those who have always been waiting for something like the Programming School 42 - consciously or unconsciously. They should all find their way to us. Spread the word! - that is my motto.

Ines Rose

Admin Operations

The gamified and project-based learning makes our coding school unique and innovative. As part of the 42 Heilbronn team, I support the administrative areas and am excited about the creative and exciting projects we will realize in the 42 network.


The Dieter Schwarz Foundation ranks among the large German foundations; it becomes active where government bodies are not, or not sufficiently, able to meet the needs of the economy and society. „Promote education, share knowledge, venture future“ is the guiding principle of the Foundation, which supports whit its commitment today what makes tomorrow’s society strong: a wide range of educational opportunities targeting people at different stages of their lives. The Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports the founding of 42 Heilbronn by providing the financial means and infrastructure to equip the facilities.

"To strengthen our society and economy of tomorrow, we need courageous concepts and extraordinary innovations."

Prof. Reinhold Geilsdörfer
Managing Director of Dieter Schwarz Foundation

Start your coding career with 42 Heilbronn